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The Law Offices of David Grossack, P.C. has over 25 years experience in representing parties in eviction proceedings and other kinds of disputes arising from landlord-tenant relationships.

Attorney Grossack has tried many eviction cases for both landlords and tenants and has also brought claims against landlords for personal injury, sexual harassment, property damage, and other tortuous conduct.
Some situations we have handled include:

  • A Randolph woman lived in a house where there were extensive violations of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code. Rodents and pests infested the premises, electrical outlets were defective, and a host of other violations existed. When the owner brought eviction proceedings, the Court declined to evict, citing the code violations. We had subpoenaed the local Building Inspectors who corroborated the client’s testimony.
  • A Dorchester landlord repeatedly assaulted and threatened his tenant, trying to forcer her out of his property. We obtained a judgment against him and encumbered his property until the judgment was paid.
    We represented a Boston man who lived in an apartment complex where the property manager refused to enforce rules which required pets to be leashed. Our client was scarred by a pit bull kept by a neighbor, and we recovered a settlement for him.
  • Most commercial collections are done on a contingent basis, meaning the client is not responsible for attorney’s fees unless a settlement or court award is achieved: Post Judgment Remedies. Very often clients come to us after winning a case. Their trial lawyer has won a judgment, but is not familiar with judgment recovery techniques.

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