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Attorney Grossack is one of the few attorneys in Massachusetts who aggressively pursues cases in which the violation of client’s First Amendment rights occurs.
His cases range from situations in which clients have found themselves in difficulty because of Internet posts to cases where clients have faced police or private harassment or even assault because of controversial expressions of speech.

For example, the Law Offices of David Grossack represented a South Shore woman who carried a pro-life sign at a picketing site who was physically assaulted as a result. She received a financial settlement for her injury. We also represented a protestor whose sign opposing gay marriage was destroyed by police officers. She received a financial settlement for this civil rights violation.

A Norfolk man collecting signatures for an anti-gay marriage ballot referendum who was assaulted also received a settlement as a result of Attorney Grossack’s representation.

When a local municipal government tried to prevent a controversial speaker from appearing at high school by requiring a “security bond,” Attorney Grossack raised the issue of the bond requirement essentially being a “reckless veto” and threatened suit. The municipality backed down.

It should be pointed out that Attorney Grossack and the Law Offices of David Grossack, P.C. do not necessarily endorse the positions of our clients, only of their right to free expression. Our office has also had very extensive experience in the adult entertainment industry, and for many years represented one of the nation’s largest theatrical booking agencies.

We are familiar with issues involving obscenity, “exotic” dancing, zoning and various commercial aspects of the world of adult entertainment.
Our commitment to the First Amendment and all constitutional rights, is a heartfelt, long standing, and integral part of our practice.

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