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We understand from over 25 years of experience that slow paying customers can wreak havoc on a client’s business. Business to business debt collection is an important part of our practice. When it comes to recovering debts on behalf of our clients, we are aggressive, determined, and relentless.

We have recovered for clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally and have access to collections attorneys the world over. Locally, we are experienced in using collections procedures many lawyers are hardly aware of, such as equitable attachments, keepers, reach and apply actions, complaints to pierce the corporate veil, and a host of other remedies that protect your rights, freeze the debtors assets and encourage settlements.

Most commercial collections are done on a contingent basis, meaning the client is not responsible for attorney’s fees unless a settlement or court award is achieved: Post Judgment Remedies. Very often clients come to us after winning a case. Their trial lawyer has won a judgment, but is not familiar with judgment recovery techniques.

That’s why we are often consulted with judgment enforcement situations. We locate assets and freeze them, or we may bring what is called “supplementary process” proceedings to require the debtor to explain to a judge why the judgment has not been paid and to face inquiry about the ability to pay. Tax returns and other books and records can be subpoenaed in supplementary process cases.

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