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The Law Offices of David Grossack has significant experience in litigating complex disputes between companies, and investors and companies. For example, we were instrumental recently in helping a business owner in recovering payment he was entitled to for sale of a corporation when the purchaser failed to make payments.

Our experience also includes aggressive use of a technique known as “piercing the corporate veil.” When a company goes out of business, or appears not to have sufficient assets to meet its obligations, sometimes it is possible to hold officers, directors or shareholders responsible for the corporate debts. Our office has had significant success in litigating under this theory.

We also handle business “torts” (or wrongful acts by one company to another). Defamation of companies and key personnel, fraud, franchise disputes, conversion of assets and similar kinds of situations are familiar areas to us. For example, in one case we defended a salesman who left a company to start his own business took a customer list with him and competed with his former employer.

A number of other claims and counterclaims ensued and ultimately the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of our client. In another matter, this office represented a company which invested in a technological process which a promoter had misrepresented. Disputes between franchisors and franchisees and disputes between franchisors and the Federal Trade Commission have also been handled by this office with satisfactory results.

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