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going Public: What Every Entrepreneur should know

If you are in business for yourself or thinking about it, there is a very good chance, in fact, an overwhelming likelihood, that having enough money to achieve your goals will be a problem. This book is offered to discuss a possible way of overcoming this obstacle.


Going to a bank is an exercise in futility for many entrepreneurs. The old joke about banks only lending money when you can prove you do not need it is true. Banks do not invest. They insist on as safe a deal as they can find. Investing implies risk. Banks are averse to risk. That is why if you go to a bank to borrow, they insist you give then security interest in all of your property, stock portfolio, boats, cars or whatever you own as collateral even if you are trying to borrow money for a corporation and these assets are in your name personally. The only people who convince banks to lend their businesses money without the owners being personally liable are those corporate entrepreneurs who are so well capitalized that the bank feels so safe with them that they can probably do without the loan.

Interest on bank loans turns many small business owners into debt slaves to the bank. It's not an uncommon situation for the cost of borrowing money to force a business into ruin. It happens every day.

Searching for venture capital from private investors is a very difficult path to follow. The recognized venture capital community in the US, Asia and Europe is literally deluged with people seeking money. Their desks are piled up with proposals of varying qualities. They tend to be a club where introductions from their circle are often a key to being considered. Rarely do outsiders ever receive serious attention from a venture capital group.

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